Help make Greater London a National Park

Let’s make it happen! Help to make London the world’s first National Park City by doing these easy things:

  1. Take part in our consultation
  2. Come to our next campaign meeting..
  3. Become a Founder of a Greater London National Park by signing our petition to the Mayor of London. 
  4. Sign up for our campaign newsletter.
  5. Organisation? Join 100+ other charities, networks and businesses by becoming a Friend of the Greater London National Park*.

Want to help even more? Here are some more things that you can do.

  • Write a tweet of support to the @MayorofLondon.
  • Write an article on the idea for a blog, website or publication.
  • Spread the word and bring the Park* up in a conversation with someone.
  • Enjoy the Park* by doing something or going somewhere new.
  • Explore the Park*, take a photo of something wild and then share online using #GLNP or #WildLondoner.
  • Help London’s hedgehogs by making a hole in your fence that is big enough for them to pass through. If you have not got a garden, persuade someone who does!
  • Become a micro-park Ranger for your own mini-nature reserve.
  • Volunteer for or donate to one of London’s conservation organisations.