Help make Greater London a National Park

Let’s make it happen! Help to make London the world’s first National Park City by doing these easy things:

  1. Become a Founder of a Greater London National Park by signing our petition to the Mayor of London. 
  2. Sign up for our campaign newsletter.
  3. Take part in our consultation.
  4. Recruit the support of your London ward or borough.
  5. Join us for a special Greater London National Park* event at the Southbank Centre on February 24th. 
  6. Organisation? Join 100+ other charities, networks and businesses by becoming a Friend of the Greater London National Park*.

Want to help even more? Here are some more things that you can do.

  • Write a tweet of support to the @MayorofLondon.
  • Write an article on the idea for a blog, website or publication.
  • Spread the word and bring the Park* up in a conversation with someone.
  • Enjoy the Park* by doing something or going somewhere new.
  • Explore the Park*, take a photo of something wild and then share online using #GLNP or #WildLondoner.
  • Help London’s hedgehogs by making a hole in your fence that is big enough for them to pass through. If you have not got a garden, persuade someone who does!
  • Become a micro-park Ranger for your own mini-nature reserve.
  • Volunteer for or donate to one of London’s conservation organisations.